Strong bone, Importance of strong bones and role of calcium in strong bones

Stronger are the Bones  …  

                                                    Strongest is the body!!!

Hey all health champs over there … 

Let's play a sensation memory game!!! Imagine the day of your life, when you got hurt by just hitting your knee or elbow on some wall or corner of a cupboard …. Yeah :( you got that right  …. That horrible day when you realize how much it hurts if you give a small hit unknowingly by your joint or by any bone … 

In this blog, we will be looking at a bone, its fundamentals, and the relation between strong bones and Calcium- 

                   Guys … it is certainly not a childish thing, to look back to the basics … Hence, we will start with what are the functions of bones-  

Bones are that steel frame of our body, which-

  • Provides support to all other body parts, decide our stature and posture which imprints our image and personality at first instance on other people. 

              Just think … what would have been our condition without bones? And the answer is simple… we wouldn't have any specific shape!!!

  • All body movements are possible because of the godsend provision of specific bone structure!!! Bones enable our body parts to be mobile and hence practically the reason behind our all joyful activities :)  
  • Safeguards our vital organs from external, mechanical shocks and other forms of injuries. E.g. Ribs protect our heart and lungs and the Skull protects the brain!  
  • Produces blood cells which include RBCs, WBCs, and platelets. To explain more, all these blood cells are generated in the bone marrow of long bones like femurs i.e. thigh bones by the process known as “hematopoiesis”. 
  • Is crucial for body maintenance. We can't imagine overall body maintenance without strong bones !!! As bones help in maintaining the optimum blood cell count and also help to maintain the Calcium levels in the body.
  • Works as a storehouse of vital minerals for vital body processes e.g. Calcium and phosphorous are stored within bones. Also, yellow bone marrow is the place where some fat tissue is stored. 

                Interestingly, whenever our body needs more of these stored materials, there is a provision to release them back into our bloodstream… See… how wonderful our body is!!! 

Hence, it's the responsibility of every self-aware health champ, to take care of our body and nutrition for the upkeep of a healthy body!!!

Now let's see, 

What are the signs which indicate that your bones are becoming weak- 

  • Joint pains - mostly this is a frequently seen symptom in senior or super senior people due to age-related complications and neglect of optimum Calcium intake. But in this stressful era of modernity, even youth and middle age people are suffering from joint pain especially, in the knees, hip bones, and backbone. If neglected, this may lead to an increased risk of fractures.

  • You are facing easy and rather frequent nail chipping- Long, healthy and aesthetic nails are one among many self-presentation goals of people. But when you face frequent chipping of nails it is really frustrating... And you should not ignore it as chipped nails may be the result of Calcium deficiency, which in turn will weaken your bones.

  • Body posture-  body posture is an indispensable part of our presentation which depicts confidence too !!! As soon as bone starts showing stooped posture, understand, that the body is demanding a well nutritious diet and strong bones!!! 

  • Struggle to grip things- They say, to achieve success, you need to have a strong grip on your things!!! Here in the context of bones, we can say, a strong grip is necessary at least when you don't want anything to spill off!!! If you are facing a problem holding things firmly, it is a sign of weak bones and low bone density.

  • Your gums are receding- jawbone is the neglected aspect even though one cares for other body bones. But remember jawbone supports and fastens our teeth hence if it losses its bone density, gums may start to recede and even may detach from teeth.  

  • Fatigue and inability to stand or sit for a long time- are you facing stamina issues while working in an office or studying for so long? Long working hours are just like punishment for you, due to body pains? Mind your Calcium intake!!!

  • High resting heart rate- have an eye on your heart rate, if you find your resting heartbeat is greater than 80, it may be the effect of weak bones and low Calcium count.   

  • Now, the next question arises, how does Calcium make your bones strong?

    • Calcium is an essential element that plays numerous biological functions in the body, out of which skeletal mineralization is the pivotal function.
    • Calcium is the major component of the bone, where it is present as Calcium phosphate complexes (around 99 %) and provides the skeleton strength and structure, making the bone a metabolic reservoir of Calcium.

    What could be done to make bones strong?

    • Regular exercise which includes weight training, dancing, climbing, etc 
    • Properly balanced diet which gives your body all nutritions and minerals required for skeletal health especially, Calcium, magnesium, zinc, and omega-3
    • Maintain a stable and healthy weight.
    • Yoga and resistance training. 

    The true companion of women must be Calcium…

    The role of Calcium is immense in women's health in all the stages, let's see how -

    Sr no

    Life stages of Women 

    Age group in years 

    RDA (recommended dietary allowance)



    9 to 19 yrs 



    Adulthood/ childbearing years including pregnancy and breastfeeding 

    19 to 50



    Senior years 

    51 to 70



    Super senior years 

    71 and above 


    Calcium is equally essential for children. As, with inadequate Calcium intake, children may face-

    • Rickets. 
    • Juvenile osteoporosis.

    Sr. No.

    Age group

    RDA (recommended dietary allowance) in mg/day 


    0-6 months 



    6-12 months 



    1 - 3 yrs 



    4- 8 yrs


    Old age people generally face more bone health issues like-

    • Vitamin D  and Calcium deficiency 
    • Osteopenia 
    • Osteoporosis 
    • Osteoarthritis 
    • Rheumatoid arthritis 
    • Osteomalacia 
    • Paget's disease of bone.

    To prevent the bone conditions, have look here-

    Sr. No.

    Age group - yrs 

    RDA in mg (Recommended dietary allowance)

    Upper limit in mg 


    51- 70




    71- older 



    Youngsters are also facing some bone health issues including osteopenia due to inadequate Calcium intake and some below reasons- 

    • Stressful life which includes - sedentary lifestyle 
    • High consumption of fast food, carbonated drinks 
    • Lack of healthy and timely diet 
    • Fewer sleep hours 
    • Excessive drinks 
    • Chain smoking 

    As we got some insights here regarding, bones- strong bones and Calcium requirement, let's wake up!!! And let's focus on the optimum intake of Calcium and forever healthy and strong bones. 

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