Look at these signs to catch hold of Omega 3 deficiency……

Omega 3 is a set of 3 fatty acids which are not produced in the body. But, these fatty acids are the most essential for our body functioning and can be consumed from external sources.

Omega 3 deficiency is a very underrated health issue. A lot of us spend years without even realising that we have an omega-3 deficiency.

Like every other deficiency, this could get worse with time, if your supplements aren’t consumed. Omega 3 plays a key role in our physical and mental health which is why it’s called the nutritional superstar”.

As I mentioned earlier we don’t understand that we have an Omega-3  deficiency as we don’t look for the signs. Here’s a  bit of information that will help you. 

Signs and symptoms to look for:

Memory loss: 

Omega 3 deficiency can lead to memory loss. It also reduces the ability to think properly. Although it starts very slow and on a lesser level it can lead to dementia. The reason is that your brain is ageing fast due to the lack of Omega-3. 

Omega 3 plays its role even before our birth. Right from the formation of our key organs including the brain at the infant stage till we grow old, Omega 3 helps us at every step of life.

The fact is that we can slow down the ageing process of the brain with adequate omega 3. 

As Omega 3 is one of the key ingredients in the formation of the brain, its consumption helps us manage the brain very well. DHA is in ZERO HARM Vegan Omega which is also the 97% of Omega 3 in the brain. So, we must consume Vegan Omega regularly to manage our brains like pros.


A study made on a group involving 437 people that lasted for 24 weeks has shown spectacular results. This study has proven that supplementing Omega 3 has helped people with memory loss, recall their memory.


I am gulping my ZeroHarm Omega 3 right now coz man I don't want to forget all my beautiful memories.


The lack of Omega 3 can cause various mental illnesses. It can lead to bipolar depression, schizophrenia, and so on.

Depression is a mental illness that is again connected to the brain taking us back to the fact that the brain needs omega 3 for its formation and functioning. I personally feel depression is underrated as it is not visible to anyone.

Did you know that depression can happen due to the lack of sufficient nutrients?

Yes, lack of nutrients or the deficiency of nutrients may lead to depression and other mental illnesses. 

It is quite a simple step to avoid depression that might occur due to a lack of nutrients. Adding enough supplements will help you very well and reduce the risk. To have better mental health, make sure you include Omega 3 in the form of food or supplements.

Mood swings: 

A lack of Omega 3 can give mood fluctuations. If you are experiencing mood swings, Omega 3 deficiency could be a reason. Check your Omega 3 intakes to deal with mood swings better.

It’s proven that Omega 3 can easily travel through your brain cells and interact with the mood-related molecules helping in mood elevation.


Joint pain is one more sign that someone might be having a low level of Omega 3. Adding Omega 3 will only make you feel better if you are already experiencing joint pains. This is because Omega 3 is needed for the smooth movement of joints. 

As Arthritis patients feel the stiffness of joints, Omega 3 helps with smooth movement in turn improving their condition.

Dry eyes:

A sign of eye dryness is one more indication that you might be lacking Omega 3 in the body. The eye has 3 layers which are the watery layer, oily layer, and mucous layer.

A dry eye is a condition in which your eyes don’t produce enough tears. If the tear film of the eye becomes dry this situation happens.

It is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it's a complicated situation when the eye becomes dry. It can lead to blurred vision and redness in the eyes. 

Consuming adequate Omega 3 will help you with dry eyes. 

The DHA makes up to 93% of the eye which is why supplementing Vegan Omega which is the richest form of Omega 3 can help you with this condition as it increases the level of DHA which reduces the evaporation of the eye. It can also protect the eyes of healthy individuals.


A study made on 32000 women has proven that those who consumed omega 3 on a regular basis were at  17% lesser risk of developing dry eye compared to those who did not.


Poor concentration: 

Are you having trouble focusing? 

That could be due to Omega 3. 

As we’ve discussed earlier, brain functioning is affected due to Omega 3. Hence, a deficiency will have an impact on the brain which in turn reduces the concentration levels. Everything is interlinked in our bodies and nutrient loss or deficiency can lead to so many ill effects.

Poor concentration is one such ill effect which is an indication that your BRAIN NEEDS DHA FOR BETTER FOCUS.


Fatigue is the weakness that our body experiences. It can be due to various reasons. The deficiency of nutrients is one reason that you might be experiencing fatigue in general. 

Adding Vegan Omega along with other nutrients that your body is deficient in, helps you with fatigue. If you are constantly feeling weak and exhausted, that’s one of the signs of Omega 3 deficiency. 

Make Vegan Omega a part of your day to deal with fatigue.

Dry skin: 

Skin irritation, dryness, and an increase in acne can also be considered signs of a deficiency in Omega 3. The loss of oils in the skin can make your skin look dull and dry.

As Omega 3 improves the hydration of skin cells it can be used for glowing and youthful skin.


Unexpected weight gain: 

A sudden weight gain is one considerable symptom of an Omega 3 deficient body.

Supplementing Omega 3 daily can help you manage your weight better.

For a fit body make sure you include Vegan Omega supplements in your day-to-day life.

Please don’t ignore the red flags your body is giving you. 

I am sure many of us did not know that Omega 3 deficiency can cause such serious symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it's always good to check your Omega 3 intakes.

I am consuming my vegan omega 3 which doesn’t give me any side effects and is the best way to keep my omega 3 levels in place. 

So, order your nutritional superstar before it’s too late.