“No Mumma… I don't want to drink that glass of milk … please Mumma … please” !!!

“THE SENTENCE” … Which follows the raised voice of mom or dad or grandpa … saying … no more drama …drink that glass of milk… else, you won't get CALCIUM and your bones will become so weak that you can't even play with your friends!!! 

Remembered something?

Isn't this a commonly found conversation in most households? 

YAY !!! .. You got that right… today we will talk more about this obsession with milk by parents in a bit scientific way !!!

Let's get started with understanding, what is CALCIUM?

  • What is calcium? 
  • The much-heard word … still, with many people with deficiency worldwide !!! 

    Let's understand - 

    Calcium is an essential mineral for the human body and a super protector of the entire skeleton along with teeth. The deficiency of calcium leads to many deficiency syndromes like osteoporosis or thin bone condition, hypoparathyroidism, achlorhydria, chronic diarrhea, vitamin D deficiency, steatorrhea, pancreatitis, renal failure, alkalosis, hyperphosphatemia, etc.

    More about Calcium -

    • Much needed nutritional element for skeletal and dental health. 
    • Many studies suggest that calcium, along with vitamin D, may have benefits beyond bone health, eg, it impacts well on the health of the heart, muscles, and nerves.
    • Especially needed for women… hence, My fair ladies… don’t neglect calcium intake, especially after menopause when the risk of fractures increases.
    • Also Patients with rheumatoid arthritis must include calcium supplements.

    Sources of calcium? 

    • Dairy foods MAINLY MILK
    • Leafy green vegetables 
    • Calcium-fortified foods
    • Grains 
    • Figs 
    • Fish with soft bones 
    • Calcium supplements  

    What is milk-based calcium? 

    Calcium and milk are 2 sides of 1 coin, say … almost inseparable !!!

    Even in traditional nutrition heritage and medicinal systems like Ayurveda, they say .. milk is “ PURNA ANNA”… i.e. a whole food !!! 

    Milk and dairy products like yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, etc are great sources of calcium and vitamin D, which are elixirs for skeletal health !! 

    Then what is the Calcium content in milk? 

    So many reasons have been stated even in Ayurveda which talks about -why one should include milk in one diet .. here are some - which will give you an insight regarding milk as a must-have choice for calcium.

    • Milk provides - calcium, high-quality protein, and around 22 other essential vitamins and minerals needed for bone and overall health.
    • Milk is an excellent food source of calcium with vitamin D for decades - with 300 mg of calcium in each cup of milk, regardless of its fat content. And despite the surge in popularity of milk alternatives, cow’s milk still dominates households.

    Addons of cow milk

    Concerns of cow milk 

    High in calcium

    Many people are even allergic to milk mainly because of 2 proteins - whey and casein. 

    Around 22 essential nutrients are present

    Still not suitable for many persons either because of dietary restrictions or cultural issues or personal choices.

    Allround nutrients provider

    Some ethical issues are popping up !!! Regarding how this commercial milk production is happening 

    • As the table suggests, many people are allergic to two proteins found in cow’s milk: casein and whey. And even more, people have difficulty digesting the sugar in milk, called lactose.  

    Then now the question is what all are available options for them?  

    One among the available option is - Lactose-Free Milk- 

    • Lactose intolerance is one of the major dietary conflict-prone issues worldwide, because this causes them to suffer from stomach cramps, bloating, and even diarrhea when they consume lactose. The reason behind this is - lactase deficiency, an enzyme that breaks down the lactose (sugar) found in milk.
    • People having allergies or sensitivity to milk sugar ie lactose, can consider this milk as a god gift. Food manufacturers add lactose digesting enzymes known as lactase in order to make the milk free from lactose. 
    • It is just like regular milk in smell, taste, look and even amount of calcium present (300 mg per cup) also having similarities in protein, fats, sugar, and calories.

    Benefits of lactose deleted milk 

    Some concerns 

    Same nutritional value and taste as regular milk 

    Slightly sweeter in taste 

    Like a gift for lactose intolerant people.

    Unsuitable for people with dairy allergies.

    Then what's the next option now? 

    Yes, there are … no doubt..  some other sources of calcium apart from milk, like-

    soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, goat milk, oat milk, and even rice milk…and some trustworthy supplements like milk-based calcium tablets, which are absolutely no side effects, brought to you by ZeroHarm Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

    But remember,

      • Though non-dietary food also contains calcium, there is a difference in amount, bioavailability and absorption rate because, from milk, Calcium absorption is higher than in other sources. Hence, it is essential to mind, the source of calcium. For example, studies have shown that absorption of calcium from spinach is merely 5 percent, but in the case of milk, it is around 27 - 30 percent.
      • Therefore, no matter how much there are cries about non-milk-based calcium, nutrients from milk are hard to replace !! 
      • Hence, for centuries, from Ayurveda to Unani, Higher consumption of dairy foods has been linked to stronger bones and body.
      • Modern science suggests that the inclusion of low-fat dairy food reduces the risk of many chronic diseases including cardiovascular and diabetes-(type 2) 

    Then what next? 

    Some calcium supplements are milk based and give you the same benefits of milk and the same amount of calcium, rather from more cleaner and more concentrated source. 

    Hence all health enthusiasts over there, there is no harm in trying the milk-based calcium supplement, brought to you by ZeroHarm Sciences Pvt Ltd. 

    Give your body a chance to explore the science-based, nanotechnology-backed, calcium supplement by zeroharm !!!