I discovered my magic healer for acne


Acne is one of the most common problems experienced by a lot of people. When I say “a lot of people '' I mean it.

It is the inflammation of the skin that usually happens when the hair follicles under the skin are clogged. Acne can happen to anyone and is not gender-specific. Also, acne can affect people of any age. I’ve met many people dealing with acne and I’m no exception either. Sometimes, it can affect a person’s self-confidence. It is not only a physical issue as a lot of people think, it is a psychological issue too as it can affect our mental health.

 If you are someone who’s on this journey too-Lemme tell you ” You’ve earned my respect already” cause I know what it takes to deal with acne. 

After spending a lot of money on various external products that never helped me, I have discovered something that worked magically, 

…….which is “ZeroHarm Vegan Omega 3”. 

Understand one thing, acne is an internal issue and it has to be dealt with internally. So, let us learn how to deal with our acne.

My approach towards acne has been different and helped me change so many aspects of life. So here I am sharing my knowledge with you all after my practice. One thing I know is that multiple factors can cause acne. Each of us might have different causes but the inflammation is the same.

How Vegan Omega-3 helps in reducing acne:

Omega 3 from plant-based sources helps very well with acne.

 The higher your inflammation, the more acne-prone your skin becomes. Plant-based Omega has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. As we discussed earlier, acne is an inflammation of the skin. Hence, due to the anti-inflammatory properties that ZeroHarm Omega 3 offers it helps you in healing acne like a star.  

Vegan Omega 3 also ensures good health in many other ways and comes with zero side effects.

Let us get to the roots of this problem to understand how to solve it effectively. 

Causes of acne:

  1. Hormonal imbalance
  2. Diet 
  3. Stress
  4. Genes/Hereditary 
  5. Medications
  6. Environment
  7. Obesity
  8. Cosmetics

Yes, you heard that right, cosmetics can also lead to acne. 

Dietary changes :

Adding Vegan Omega 3 to your diet.

While you work on acne with a holistic approach, please do include Vegan Omega 3 in your diets. There might be some products that promise you temporary results. But, to see results that last forever changing your diet and including Omega 3 in your diet is a must. It goes into your body and does a lot of good to your skin, hair and many other organs. Omega 3 is a multitasker. Zero Vegan Harm Omega 3 also ensures maximum bioavailability while its amazing anti-inflammatory properties reduce the inflammation of your skin. The DHA in Omega 3 moisturises the skin giving you healthy skin overall. It also keeps a check on your eye health along with other organs.

Make these changes in your diet to see great results. 

  •  Reducing sugar intake 
  • Checking your carbohydrate intake
  •  Include Vit A in your diet
  •  Consuming food with a less glycemic index
  • Controlling dairy intake
  •  Avoiding the food that you are allergic to
  •  Some people are allergic to wine and consuming wine can lead to acne. 
  •  Include Vit E and Vit C in your diet as well

Lifestyle change:

Along with dietary changes, a lifestyle change can help you with acne and benefit your health in general.


Skin hygiene: Wash your skin whenever you are exposed to dust, and keep the skin clean always. 

Sleep: Sleeping/ resting enough is a practice that will help in reducing stress which affects acne.

Exercise: Working out keeps your blood flowing which is good for your skin health

Meditate: As we all know meditation brings a sense of calmness from within. I would say that everyone should meditate. If you have acne, make sure you prioritize meditation, which will help you from within.

  • Side effects that can be avoided with vegan Omega:

  • Fish oil omega comes with a lot of side effects like

    • Acid reflux 
    • Heartburn
    • Nausea
    • Loose stools 
    • Fishy aftertaste 

         In order to avoid the side effects that fish oil Omega 3 offers it’s great to pick Zero Harm’s vegan Omega.

             How consuming ZeroHarm Vegan Omega 3 helped my acne and changed my life forever…


    Yes, consuming ZeroHarm Omega 3 changed my life. I was looking for good sources of Omega as I understood that my body needed it to help with my acne, and good health but my food isn’t giving me enough Omega 3. Most of the Omega 3 supplements came with side effects. I was experiencing discomfort because of the animal Omega 3 sources which had a fishy taste and also led to fishy burps.


    Fishy …I definitely did not enjoy this.

    Then, Vegan Omega came into my life. Who else can give me the richest source of Omega 3 with zero side effects?

    Again there were few Vegan Omega options. I ended up with ZeroHarm.

    As I am also thinking of sustainability constantly along with avoiding the earlier side effects that I’ve felt, I chose ZeroHarm Vegan Omega. 

    I had many reasons to include Omega 3 in my diet and acne was one of them. I  knew that the DHA in Omega 3 is going to benefit my eyes, skin, hair, heart and so on. I knew that only ZeroHarm Vegan Omega will meet my needs.

    Consuming this Vegan Omega along with my diet changes and lifestyle change had such a huge impact on me. After so many years I could touch my skin and feel it without the fear of acne. It was quite a moment for me.

    Grab your ZeroHarm vegan Omega right away!

    Fight acne like a pro cause you are one 🤗

    We got your back on this journey, you are not alone.